Vivicomb for Hair Loss

The ViviComb is a cutting-edge laser comb that stimulates hair growth in 9 out of 10 people.

The product uses the LLLT technology toeffectively stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth. This is the most effective alternative to a costly and painful hair transplant surgery.

Vivicomb for hair loss

The effectiveness of this laser comb is based on the Low Level Laser Therapy technology used in the device.

Previously, this technology gained wide recognition in specialized clinics and beauty salons.

A premium product designed for people who seriously think about finding the solution to the problem of balding.

Here is what makes ViviComb laser comb different:

  • More than 90% effectiveness in treating hair loss.
  • 20% new hair growth on average.
  • It does not only counteract hair loss, but also stimulates hair growth and improves the condition of your skin on the head!
  • ViviComb uses an innovative Low Level LaserTtechnology (LLLT), which until now has only been available in devices used by specialized clinics!
  • Increases the production of ATP in the body.
  • Shows a biostimulating effect and is used in phototherapy.
  • It is believed that ViviComb activates telogen hair (hair in the resting phase).
  • Reverses the process of hair miniaturization.
  • Makes hair enter the anagen phase (active hair growth).
  • Amazing results in treating hereditary baldness.
  • An ideal alternative to treatments at medical and cosmetic clinics, which are a significant burden on a budget.
  • An alternative to pills, creams and chemical products.
  • Comfort of using the laser comb at home, without having to go to a beauty salon for the treatment.

vivicomb hair loss

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